Day Trips

Bulow Creek State Park: Plantation Bay’s Backyard Escape

Did you know history lives across the street from Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club?

Like, almost LITERALLY across the street. Five minutes and 2.5 miles.

That’s the distance from Plantation Bay’s gated entrance off Exit 278 of Interstate 95. If you reside further south in the community, add a couple miles to your drive or bicycle ride.

But no matter the distance, go visit Bulow Creek State Park on the east side of I-95 from Plantation Bay. There’s a tremendous history there and throughout this portion of east central Florida, which you may not know if you’re just moved here, or […]

Nearby Flagler Beach: a Worthy Road Trip for Plantation Bay Residents

One of the perks of east-central Florida living is that you’re never far from the Atlantic Ocean.

That’s especially true for Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club in Ormond Beach, where residents enjoy a beach commute that rarely exceeds 10 minutes, and then only for wildlife crossings.

The most direct route to the beach — a whopping four miles — leads to North Peninsula State Park, a beautiful, protected shoreline that offers generous accesses, parking, restrooms and other convenient facilities.

But Plantation Bay’s “hometown” beach isn’t the only option. Head 10 miles further north and you’re smack dab in the middle of […]

How to Do the ‘World’s Most Famous Beach’

Are you a new Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club resident? Perhaps in the wannabe or planning stages of becoming one?

There’s one classic activity you must pencil in at some point, and we don’t mean your first visit to the homeowners association office!

No, when you’re taking up residence, or considering doing so in the greater Daytona Beach area, you must do as the locals do and check out the actual Daytona Beach, otherwise known as the “World’s Most Famous Beach.”

Located just south of Ormond Beach, Plantation Bay’s hometown, Daytona Beach was an attraction long before 20th- and 21st-century advertising […]

Beach Guide for Plantation Bay

If you’re seeking a new Central Florida home, spending time at the beach may be high on your recreational priority list. Residents of Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club in Ormond Beach can check that box with a giant permanent marker. Not only do they live in a 3,600-acre gated community that features two golf courses, peaceful landscaping, with large iconic trees and shimmering lakes, they’re only FOUR miles from the beautiful Atlantic beach. Ready to call the moving van right now, aren’t you?

Although the beach is only one of many excellent reasons to consider Plantation Bay as a […]

Visiting the Florida Agricultural Museum in Palm Coast

The Florida Agricultural Museum is open every Wednesday through Sunday and is located about 20 minutes north of Plantation Bay in Palm Coast. It is a great place for visitors to learn a little more about the deep history of agriculture in Florida while having some great fun in the process. Read More »

Marine Science Center: Learning About Our Local Marine Life

If you are already an expert on marine wildlife, you know that there are lots of great places surrounding Plantation Bay to observe an amazing array of marine wildlife, including many different types of birds.

However, if you are new to observing our local wildlife, a little education can go a long way towards making your experience more enjoyable. Located about 45 minutes away from Plantation Bay, the Marine Science Center at Ponce Inlet makes a great day trip, and its the perfect place to improve your knowledge of Florida marine wildlife in a fun and relaxed setting. Read More »

Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory Tours

Locals like me consider Angell & Phelps one of our area’s best-kept secrets.

The Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory is located just 25 minutes south of Plantation Bay in downtown Daytona Beach.

This old fashioned chocolate factory has been making some of the best homemade chocolates you will find anywhere since 1925! Read More »

Day Trip: The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and Museum

If you are fascinated by history or can appreciate an incredible view, the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and Museum should absolutely be on your must see list.

The museum is a great way for any history buff to learn more about the important role lighthouses have played throughout our history, and the views of Daytona Beach and Ponce Inlet will take your breath away! Read More »

Day Trip: Marineland Dolphin Adventure

One of the most popular excursions on many Caribbean vacations is the opportunity to swim with dolphins. Plantation Bay residents are fortunate to have that same opportunity available right in their own back yard!

Located just 30 minutes north of Plantation Bay, Marineland Dolphin Adventure bills itself as “The World’s First Oceanarium.” The facility contains more than 1.3 million gallons of water across multiple dolphin habitats that visitors can view from above the water or through the large underwater observation windows. Read More »

Day Trip: The Southeast Museum of Photography

Located just 20 minutes south of Plantation Bay on the campus of Daytona State College, The Southeast Museum of Photography makes a fantastic day trip for residents looking to expand their cultural side. The museum is one of only 13 facilities in the entire country that are dedicated exclusively to photography. Read More »