Bulow Creek State Park: Plantation Bay’s Backyard Escape

Did you know history lives across the street from Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club?

Like, almost LITERALLY across the street. Five minutes and 2.5 miles.

That’s the distance from Plantation Bay’s gated entrance off Exit 278 of Interstate 95. If you reside further south in the community, add a couple miles to your drive or bicycle ride.

But no matter the distance, go visit Bulow Creek State Park on the east side of I-95 from Plantation Bay. There’s a tremendous history there and throughout this portion of east central Florida, which you may not know if you’re just moved here, or […]

Nearby Flagler Beach: a Worthy Road Trip for Plantation Bay Residents

One of the perks of east-central Florida living is that you’re never far from the Atlantic Ocean.

That’s especially true for Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club in Ormond Beach, where residents enjoy a beach commute that rarely exceeds 10 minutes, and then only for wildlife crossings.

The most direct route to the beach — a whopping four miles — leads to North Peninsula State Park, a beautiful, protected shoreline that offers generous accesses, parking, restrooms and other convenient facilities.

But Plantation Bay’s “hometown” beach isn’t the only option. Head 10 miles further north and you’re smack dab in the middle of […]

How to Do the ‘World’s Most Famous Beach’

Are you a new Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club resident? Perhaps in the wannabe or planning stages of becoming one?

There’s one classic activity you must pencil in at some point, and we don’t mean your first visit to the homeowners association office!

No, when you’re taking up residence, or considering doing so in the greater Daytona Beach area, you must do as the locals do and check out the actual Daytona Beach, otherwise known as the “World’s Most Famous Beach.”

Located just south of Ormond Beach, Plantation Bay’s hometown, Daytona Beach was an attraction long before 20th- and 21st-century advertising […]

Some Different Ways to Enjoy Plantation Bay

There are so many fun activities available for Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club residents that we get dizzy just contemplating all the possibilities.

If you think that’s a bit hyperbolic, check out all of the great benefits you get from a Plantation Bay membership. Add that to all the special events available on our monthly calendars, and you’ve got an endless supply of things to do.

Granted, those busy calendars come from a position of strength. Plantation Bay’s 3,600 acres support 45 holes of championship golf, two clubhouses, a golf teaching facility, tennis courts, pickelball courts, basketball courts, a wellness […]

Can’t-Miss Doings Near Daytona Beach

Residency at Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club gives you so much to do within the community that you never need to leave. Except maybe to buy groceries.

But, once you’ve had your fill of golf, tennis, swimming, and time at the spa and fitness center, you’ll want to explore your slice of east central Florida. It’s historic, timeless, gorgeous and — as of this writing — growing madly.

But if you’re new to Plantation Bay, or strongly considering buying or building a new custom Florida home here, you should know there’s endless amusement available in Plantation Bay’s home counties of […]

Take a VIP Tour of Plantation Bay

Located in Ormond Beach, Plantation Bay is a master-planned community that’s been around long enough to be established, and to offer exceptional long-term value. Yet it’s also still growing and developing, with plenty of new homes and neighborhoods awaiting new residents.

The best way to check out Plantation Bay is via a VIP Tour. A community expert will guide you through everything currently available, and on the drawing board. Their knowledge maximizes your time.

Read on for what to expect from a VIP Tour of Plantation Bay.
You’ll learn everything about homes, homesites and neighborhoods
Plantation Bay is a big place — 3,600 […]

More Awesome Things to Do at Plantation Bay

How do you ensure that a mature yet still booming master-planned community remains at the forefront of new-home buyers’ lists?

You keep making that community better than it was before.

Such is life at ICI Homes’ Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club in Ormond Beach. It’s a massive community that continues to welcome new residents, and its staff, homeowners associations and membership continue to add to and improve all the great, existing amenities.

Why wouldn’t you have a look if you’re seeking a new custom home in east central Florida?

You should!

Here’s the scoop on more awesome things to do at Plantation Bay.
More […]

Family Fun at Plantation Bay

Many of us move to amenity-filled communities so that our households can enjoy a variety of residential benefits. Even if your household is only one person!

It’s a smart move no matter how many folks camp under your roof. A community with amenities provides you and yours with near-instant entertainment, social calendars and fitness options, all within your neighborhood’s plat lines.

At Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club in Ormond Beach, Florida, you’ll enjoy a smorgasbord of options. The best part? Nearly all are family-friendly, which means your entire crew can swim, hike, golf, ride bicycles, shoot baskets or play tennis. […]

Need Spa Days? Plan Your Move to Plantation Bay

Moving to a thoughtfully designed community bursting with amenities is a good decision. Moving to a thoughtfully designed community with a full-service spa is an even better decision.

Yes, we’re serious. One of our signature communities, Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club in Ormond Beach, Florida, offers a full-service spa at its wellness complex. Not a designated room where traveling nail technicians set up shop each week for a few hours. But a destination where expert therapists and technicians are on duty at a facility built for them — and you!

The spa isn’t the only amenity available at the wellness […]

Fore! Plantation Bay: a Golf Destination For All

A golf course in your back yard accomplishes two things: it provides a lovely vista from your patio or porch, and the opportunity to play golf every day.

The everyday thing? Well, that depends on available time and your season of life. A golf-crazed early retiree might be out there every day. But, so will a golf-crazed teenager on summer break.  That’s the game’s beauty. It can be played at every age and stage of life, and when you have 45 championship-caliber holes to conquerer — not all at once, mind you — daily rounds won’t get boring.

That’s the real-life […]