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Tennis, Pickleball, Bocce, and Basketball

Meeting new friends and staying active is a priority for many Plantation Bay residents, and a sports membership is an ideal way to accomplish both goals at the same time. Whether you like shooting hoops and playing a little one-on-one, trying your hand (we should say toss) at the ancient game of bocce, getting involved in the community’s tennis program, or joining a match in the fastest-growing sport in the US, Pickleball, there’s something for everyone at Plantation Bay.

Tennis is for Everyone

Not only is tennis great exercise and a fun sport, it’s a terrific way to meet friends, neighbors and like-minded enthusiasts. And it’s big doings at …MORE

Tennis Leagues

A League of Our Own Whether your interest is just a social game or a competitive match, we have a program for everyone. Adult leagues are the most popular program …MORE


As the fastest-growing sport in the US, Pickleball is making its mark with courts sprouting up everywhere. And guess what? Plantation Bay boasts 10 dedicated courts, making it the ultimate hub …MORE


Almost the Most Popular Sport in the World, did you know the early Romans were among the first to play a game resembling what we know as bocce today. In early …MORE

Upcoming Events

Tennis News Dave has planned a very busy season for Plantation Bay’s tennis enthusiasts. With more and more people playing the game these days, interest and members …MORE

Summer Camps

Summer Tennis & Golf Camp schedules and details. …MORE

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