Everyone Can Tee Off at Plantation Bay

When one of your community draws is 45 holes of golf, you’re sure to attract new homeowners who swing the clubs or intend to learn how.

That’s the beauty of Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club in Ormond Beach, Florida. The 3,600-acre development was planned and executed with active lifestyles in mind, and building or buying a new custom home here puts endless recreational options on your doorstep.

When it comes to golf, however, you won’t do better with a Central Florida residence than at Plantation Bay. Two full courses and a nine-hole layout, plus two golf clubhouses, are the reasons […]

All Ages Play at Plantation Bay

Do you have a super-active family? Kids involved in all sorts of extracurriculars? Are you a retiree who doesn’t act like it? Perhaps you’re helping parents who want no part of the rocking-chair lifestyle, find their next home.

Good news! At Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club in Ormond Beach, Florida, one size does fit all. That’s because Plantation Bay is packed with amenities and an environment that encourages them. If you’re the physically active type, you’ll find facilities tailored to golfers, cyclists, weightlifters, swimmers, tennis players, walkers and hikers. If you move to a slower speed, you’ll find a […]

Family Fun at Plantation Bay

Many of us move to amenity-filled communities so that our households can enjoy a variety of residential benefits. Even if your household is only one person!

It’s a smart move no matter how many folks camp under your roof. A community with amenities provides you and yours with near-instant entertainment, social calendars and fitness options, all within your neighborhood’s plat lines.

At Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club in Ormond Beach, Florida, you’ll enjoy a smorgasbord of options. The best part? Nearly all are family-friendly, which means your entire crew can swim, hike, golf, ride bicycles, shoot baskets or play tennis. […]

Need Spa Days? Plan Your Move to Plantation Bay

Moving to a thoughtfully designed community bursting with amenities is a good decision. Moving to a thoughtfully designed community with a full-service spa is an even better decision.

Yes, we’re serious. One of our signature communities, Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club in Ormond Beach, Florida, offers a full-service spa at its wellness complex. Not a designated room where traveling nail technicians set up shop each week for a few hours. But a destination where expert therapists and technicians are on duty at a facility built for them — and you!

The spa isn’t the only amenity available at the wellness […]

Fore! Plantation Bay: a Golf Destination For All

A golf course in your back yard accomplishes two things: it provides a lovely vista from your patio or porch, and the opportunity to play golf every day.

The everyday thing? Well, that depends on available time and your season of life. A golf-crazed early retiree might be out there every day. But, so will a golf-crazed teenager on summer break.  That’s the game’s beauty. It can be played at every age and stage of life, and when you have 45 championship-caliber holes to conquerer — not all at once, mind you — daily rounds won’t get boring.

That’s the real-life […]

Resort-Style Living for All Ages at Plantation Bay

What do you think of when you hear the word “resort?” Most of us likely think “swimming pool!” Memories of family vacations or trips with friends — especially in warm-weather locations or during spring and summer breaks — trigger fun flashbacks of cooling off daily in an awesome pool.

But, how about all those fun hours many of us probably spent bicycling? Shooting hoops? Whacking tennis balls and even golf balls? Warmer weather, especially during the summer, means outside fun and frolic no matter how hot the thermometer. And, if there’s a pool involved, there’s no better way to cool […]

Be Well at Plantation Bay’s Wellness Center

If you’re dedicated to a healthy lifestyle or want to achieve one — and you’re also house-hunting in Central Florida — ICI Homes has a solution to both scenarios.

Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club in Ormond Beach is one of our signature communities. We’ve loaded it up with amenities, one of which happens to be a wellness center. 

Actually, it’s three amenities in one. The Plantation Bay wellness center houses an awesome pool pavilion, a full-service spa (yes!) and a full-service fitness center. Where else can you go on Florida’s upper Atlantic coast and find that combo in your own […]

A New Game: Play Bocce Ball at Plantation Bay

“Bocce-what?” you might ask.

That’s totally fair. We at ICI Homes get the skepticism if you haven’t heard of bocce ball or haven’t seen it played. But we promise it’s worth investigating.

Bocce is a bowling game that dates back to the ancient Roman empire. Centuries later, it has enjoyed a renaissance because it’s (A) fun, (B) not complicated in format or equipment, and (C) can be played one-on-one or with teams.

At Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club in Ormond Beach, Florida, the bocce courts are popular gathering places for neighbors and friends who like to duel each other in a […]

Real Estate Market Expected to Remain Strong Throughout Our Divisions

We’re seeing the same enthusiasm throughout all our divisions. The strong real estate market is expected to continue in spite of hurricane season.

If anything, people in older homes are looking to build newer, stronger homes. Click here to read article in The St. Augustine Record

Why Plantation Bay is the Best Choice for Your New Florida Home

What brings you house-hunting in Florida? Or, if you’re already a Florida resident, to the central part of the state?

We could list answers forever — because they’re as individual as we all are — but you’re hanging out with us here for a specific reason, and we’ll bet it’s not because you can’t find anything else to read!

For many people targeting a new custom home in Central Florida, the impetus is retirement, or job moves or family concerns. Some folks also want a second home for holidays, long weekends and vacations, or as a transition toward impending career changes […]