Daytona Cubs: Minor League Baseball in Your Backyard

Catch Daytona Cubs Baseball at Jackie Robinson Ballpark
Catch Daytona Cubs Baseball at Jackie Robinson Ballpark

There are few summer activities that are as universally popular among people of all ages and backgrounds as attending a professional baseball game. There is just something about the sights, sounds, and smells of the ballpark that connects in some way with pretty much everyone.

Plantation Bay residents are fortunate to be located only 20 minutes from the home of the Daytona Cubs, which is the high-A minor league affiliate of the Chicago Cubs.

Baseball at “The Jack”

The Daytona City Island Ballpark first opened its doors to the public in 1914. Since then, the park has seen many different eras of renovations and improvements, as well as dozens of different teams that have called Daytona home. The park was renamed Jackie Robinson Ballpark in 1989 to commemorate the fact that it hosted the very first racially integrated professional baseball game. It is now affectionately referred to as “The Jack.”

There have been many improvements introduced to the park in recent years to improve the fan experience. The LKQ Riverwalk was added in 2007 to provide fans with a central location for refreshments. The Budweiser Bullpen, cooling fans in the grandstands, and speakers along the Riverwalk have also been added to the stadium in the past few years.

The current version of The Jack contains 4,200 seats. The average attendance for a game in 2013 was 2,518. The outfield fences measure 317 feet to left field, 325 feet to right field, and a full 400 feet to dead center field.

In addition to great minor league baseball action, The Jack also contains the Jackie Robinson Museum. There are plaques located throughout the stadium that explain the significance that Jackie Robinson had on the entire world. There is even an interactive area that allows fans to compare their skills to the great Jackie Robinson.

Tomorrows Stars, Today

Minor league baseball, and high-A baseball in particular, gives spectators the opportunity to see the future stars of professional baseball as they begin their careers. Over the past few years, the Daytona Cubs have produced major league players including Darwin Barney, Andrew Cashner, James Russell, Casey Coleman, and Starlin Castro, who is the current starting shortstop for the big league Cubs.

With all of the talented young players that have through the organization, it’s no surprise that the Daytona Cubs have been very successful in the Florida State League. They were crowned champions of the league in 2008, 2011, and 2013. Local residents have been thrilled to have the opportunity to cheer on a winning team that has featured some of the best young talent in all of baseball.

Tickets & Promotions

If you are planning on attending multiple games over the course of the season, the Daytona Cubs offer some great season ticket packages that are incredibly flexible. There are 10 and 22 game ticket packages that allow you to use the tickets for any games you choose. They also allow you the flexibility to use multiple tickets for any given game. At $105 for a 22 general admission ticket plan, the cost per game is less $5, which makes a night out to see the Cubs cheaper than going to the movies!

If you are only planning on attending one or two games this season, you will definitely want to check out the schedule for some of the great promotional events the Cubs are planning. There are also fireworks after every Saturday night game!

A relaxing evening at the ballpark is something that everyone can enjoy. Hardcore baseball fans will appreciate the ability to see the development of future stars as it happens. More casual fans will appreciate the ability to attend a ball game close to home for a reasonable price. Either way, going to see the Cubs at The Jack is a great way to spend an evening out in Daytona!

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Image by By Gamweb via Wikimedia Commons