Nearby Flagler Beach: a Worthy Road Trip for Plantation Bay Residents

One of the perks of east-central Florida living is that you’re never far from the Atlantic Ocean.

That’s especially true for Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club in Ormond Beach, where residents enjoy a beach commute that rarely exceeds 10 minutes, and then Nearby Flagler Beach: a Worthy Road Trip for Plantation Bay Residentsonly for wildlife crossings.

The most direct route to the beach — a whopping four miles — leads to North Peninsula State Park, a beautiful, protected shoreline that offers generous accesses, parking, restrooms and other convenient facilities.

But Plantation Bay’s “hometown” beach isn’t the only option. Head 10 miles further north and you’re smack dab in the middle of a quintessential Florida beach town.

Here’s why you should road-trip to nearby Flagler Beach.

The scenic route

Start by heading to North Peninsula State Park.

If you haven’t been to North Peninsula yet, turn right out of Plantation Bay’s north entrance onto Old Dixie Highway and head east, crossing Interstate 95 and passing a shopping center. Turn left on Walter Boardman Lane.

Heed the speed limit on these two-lane roads and enjoy the scenery. They wind through lovely coastal hammocks and marshes, and over several small bridges. The final bridge spans the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. When you see that, you’re very close.

At a stop sign, turn right on High Bridge Road, which dead-ends at A1A and the Atlantic Ocean. Turn left on A1A and head north, past North Peninsula State Park, toward Flagler Beach.

The direct route, of course, means hopping on I-95 north. Exit at State Road 100. Turn right off that exit, head east three miles, and you’re in the heart of Flagler Beach.

Flagler Beach is a fun, different option

Flagler Beach offers as much sand and salt water as North Peninsula State Park, Ormond Beach and Ormond-by-the-Sea, but with a more social vibe. You’ll find more beach-side bars and grills, the Flagler Beach Historical Museum and the historic Flagler Beach Pier. Concerts and other events happen in the small park across A1A.

Neighborhoods also sprawl west from the beach on compact streets, which lends a charming residential appeal. You’ll see plenty of folks crossing A1A with surfboards and fishing rods. Another bonus? Lifeguards are on duty in-season.

What to do in Flagler Beach

Go early in the day for the best parking options, especially in summer.

Pick a breakfast joint to fuel up (the restaurant at the Flagler Beach Pier opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner), then stake your sandy claim. You can find peace and quiet, but enjoying the show — surfers, people fishing or strolling by — is part of the Flagler Beach experience.

Catch a sunset drink at one of the establishments fronting A1A and above all, don’t forget the ice cream! The Waffle Cone on South 4th Street and Sally’s Ice Cream on North Shore Boulevard are local legends.

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