Ormond Memorial Art Museum & Gardens

The Ormond Memorial Art Museum & Gardens provides local residents with the perfect combination of expertly curated artwork and meticulously tended gardens. Visitors from all over Central Florida come here to experience the impressive oil paintings by Malcolm Fraser, the historic Emmons Cottage, and the stunningly beautiful Memorial Gardens.

This fantastic combination of art and nature is located less than 20 minutes away from Plantation Bay on West Granada Boulevard next to the Casements and Billy’s Tap Room & Grill.

The facility also serves as an Ormond Beach Memorial to the brave men and women who served our country in World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and Korea.

It is interesting to note that the money to remodel the museum was raised through generous donations from Ormond Beach residents and businesses. It is estimated that 90% of all Ormond Beach residents at the time donated to the project, and construction was carried out by servicemen who had recently returned from active duty and each donated their time.

Museum Exhibits

The permanent exhibit at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum contains a collection of 56 paintings from Malcolm Fraser, who was an internationally known artist that made Ormond Beach his winter home. The collection he donated was meant to stand as a memorial to those who had fought in World War I and World War II.

In addition to the works of Malcolm Fraser, the Ormond Memorial Art Museum also features temporary exhibits displaying the artwork of local students and artists throughout the year. The facility has also hosted the work of many other prominent artists and the traveling exhibits are always changing!

The Gardens

While the artwork on display at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum is impressive, it would just be another fine art museum if not for the incredible Memorial Gardens outside of the facility. This 2.5-acre oasis was designed by landscape architect Henry Stockman back in the 1940s.

The gardens are built on what was once just a sand dune, and they are designed to create the feeling of walking through a natural rain forest. Some areas of the gardens are neatly kept while others are left to grow naturally as they would be in the wild. There are a total of five ponds located throughout the gardens that provide homes for many different types of fish, as well as frogs and turtles.

As you venture into the gardens, you will likely come across the historic Emmons Cottage. This little house was built in 1885 along the Halifax River and was scheduled to be demolished before it was rescued, moved to its current spot in the Memorial Gardens, and refurbished. It is now the home to many of the educational classes the museum hosts for children.

Annual Events & Education

There are a number of different cultural events that are hosted at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum & Gardens throughout the year. Some of the most popular annual events include Art in the Garden Petals & Palettes, the Veteran’s Day Tribute, Starry, Starry Night, and Art in the Park.

The museum also hosts an annual summer camp where children ages 6-12 can come to improve their artistic abilities. There is more information about each of these annual events and summer camps, as well as a calendar of all upcoming events and classes on the museum’s website.

Planning your museum visit to coincide with one of the annual events is a great idea if you can arrange it, but visiting the museum on any other day is also a fun experience.

It is generally open on weekdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, and then on weekends from noon until 4:00 pm. The next time you are looking for something to do near Plantation Bay, don’t forget to check out the Ormond Memorial Art Museum & Gardens!

Image via the Ormond Memorial Art Museum website