Plantation Bay Residents: Take Your Dog to the Beach

If you live in Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club and have a dog, you probably know there are miles of wide sidewalks and trails to explore whenever you and Fido go out for a spin.

If you’re a new Plantation Bay resident who didn’t know this, you’ll soon figure it out by the number of walkers, runners, cyclists and dog walkers you’ll see pass your place every day. Plantation Plantation Bay Residents: Take Your Dog to the BeachBay’s trail and sidewalk network rambles all over its acreage, uniting neighborhoods and neighbors, and providing instant exercise right outside your front door.

Fido undoubtedly digs this, but know what else Fido would dig? A walk at the beach.

One of the reasons you may have purchased your Plantation Bay home is because pristine Atlanta Ocean beaches are a scant 10 minutes east. And, if you like to go to the beach, Fido might like to go with you. But, some municipalities don’t allow dogs on their beaches, and everyone must respect that. However, there are opportunities for Plantation Bay dog lovers to take their furry friends along while still observing local ordinances.

Here’s how Plantation Bay residents can take their dogs to the beach.

Know your county lines

Located in the charming coastal town of Ormond Beach, Plantation Bay straddles Flagler County to the north in east central Florida, and Volusia County to the south. This is important because Volusia County doesn’t allow pets on its beaches, with the exception of service animals as permitted by law. As part of the greater Daytona Beach area, Ormond Beach is in northern Volusia County.

But, there is one beachside location where dogs are welcome: Michael Crotty Bicentennial Park. It’s a Volusia County park off A1A (Florida’s Atlantic coast highway) and is 11 miles south of Plantation Bay. Michael Crotty Bicentennial Park boasts free parking and 37 acres of amenities, which includes a four-acre dog park (not on the beach, but across the street from it). This dog park has separate areas for small and large dogs, and dog owners will find shaded spaces, benches and water stations for Fido.

Put their paws in the sand

Flagler County beaches are where you want to go when planning a beach day with your dog. Did you know, USA Today ranked it as one of the best places to take your pets when planning a beach vacation? Head north on A1A until you cross the county line from Volusia into Flagler.

Flagler Beach, which is north of Ormond Beach, can be considered Plantation Bay’s “other” hometown — it’s only 11 miles away. You’ll want to look for the “pet-friendly” zones in Flagler Beach to be sure you and Fido are being proper and all. These are north of North 10th Street in Flagler Beach, or south of South 10th Street.

Other tips to ensure you and Fido enjoy your beach time together: take plenty of water, pick up after your pet, and keep him or her on a sturdy leash of five feet or less in length.

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