The Founders Club: A Jewel in Plantation Bay

Plantation Bay recently celebrated a significant milestone with the unveiling of the Founders Club, a development that stands as a testament to meticulous planning, thoughtful design, and the visionary leadership of ICI Homes’ founder and CEO, Mori Hosseini. This exclusive sneak peek event provided members and residents of Plantation Bay the opportunity to explore the state-of-the-art facilities, luxurious amenities, and exquisite architectural details that define The Founders Club.

The event was marked by awe and admiration as attendees experienced firsthand the culmination of Mori Hosseini’s vision.

“The Founders Club is my single greatest contribution to Plantation Bay, the community where my legacy for my family and the treasured members  of our community will be enjoyed for generations to come.”

The Founders Club is poised to become a cornerstone in the ongoing legacy of Plantation Bay, providing its members with a haven of luxury, comfort, and community. The development is not just a collection of amenities but a carefully crafted environment that reflects the commitment to excellence and innovation that defines ICI Homes. Mori Hosseini’s dedication to ensuring that the Founders Club stands as a testament to his vision for Plantation Bay was evident in his words and the careful planning that went into the project.

As the Founders Club opens its doors shortly, Plantation Bay eagerly anticipates welcoming new families into this prestigious community. It is a place where residents can enjoy the unparalleled quality of life that comes with ICI Homes‘ commitment to superior home designs, customization options, and energy-wise standards. The community looks forward to the continued enrichment of the lives of those who choose to make Plantation Bay their home.

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